Thursday, December 6, 2012

USEA Convention & Horse Syndication

It was a terrific day at the USEA convention - so many sessions and so much information.  SCES is here with an information booth and photos of some of our more active Upper Level riders.  I've attached a couple here.

Photo by Sherry Stewart

Photo by Sherry Stewart

I sat in on the "Owners' forum" where a lot of discussion was about the resurgence in syndication, with about 3 dozen new horse owner syndicates being formed in just the last year or two.  Did you know that you can contribute annual maintenance fees through SCES?  Those funds will be earmarked to the syndication. 

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Fair Hill Recap and Galway Preview

Fair Hill proved to be challenging both with the course and the weather, but quite a few SCES supported riders had terrific goes.  In the CCI**, Jennie Brannigan finished 3rd with Boyd Martin in 5th and 6th, Phillip Dutton in 7th and Susan Beebee in 10th.  Phillip also finished 3rd in the CCI***.

This week-end SCES riders will be competing at Chattahoochee Hills, at Holly Hill and at Waredeca.    And, of course the final CCI*** for the year will bring quite a few riders from the West Coast and a smattering from the East to Galway Downs the first week-end in November.

Good Luck everyone!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Boekelo, Maryland Horse Trials & Fair Hill.

The US team battled rain on XC day and a tough show jump course to finish 6th overall in the Team competition last week-end at Boekelo.  SCES was particularly pleased to see Jennie Brannigan and Cambalda (Ping) back in action!

Jennie & Ping at Galway Downs
Another SCES supported rider, Natalia Gurmankin, had a terrific outing at the Maryland Horse Trials last week-end, where she took her horse Legate out for their first run at Intermediate together.   They finished 4th in the OI-B division, adding just XC time to their dressage score.  

Jennie & Natalia will both be out again this week-end at Fair Hill International along with other SCES riders including:  Susan Beebe, Phillip Dutton, Lillian Heard, Boyd Martin & Allie Slusher.  Good Luck everyone.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

SCES Supported Riders have a Good Week-end!

October 09, 2012

Last week-end saw quite a few SCES riders having very good week-ends.  At Woodside, Jolie Wentworth rode The Good Knight to 2nd place in the CIC*** and also picked up 2nd place in the CIC** riding Man on a Mission. 

Jolie Wentworth & The Good Knight
Photo courtesy of Lisa Dunckley
 Also in the CIC***, McKenna Shea and the lovely Landioso turned in a solid effort to finish 3rd.  We were further happy to see Gina Miles completing with her new horse SVR Ron.

 McKenna Shea on Landioso
Photo by Lisa Dunckley

The CIC** marked Barb Crabo's first run at 2* on Over Easy, who clearly found it so, as they finished 3rd.  Another horse new to the 2* was Fuerst Nino R, ridden by Andrea Baxter to a 4th place finish.

Out for the first time since their Olympic run, Hawley Bennett-Awad and Gin & Juice were the Intermediate pair combo to finish on their dressage score finishing 3rd, behind Lauren Billys and her Pan Am mount Ballingowen Ginger who were 2nd.  The division was won, after leading the entire show, by Frankie Thieriot on Uphoria.

At Morven Park, Boyd Martin rode Trading Aces to 2nd place in the Advanced Championship division.

And, we wish good luck this coming week-end to Jennie Brannigan as she and Cambalda compete for the US Team at Boekelo.

Finally, continued wishes for speedy recovery to Caitlin Silliman, Karen O'Connor, and to our local friend Rachel Lathrop.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 29th Event at 3 Day Ranch!

January 29, 2012 
Print Entry Form from Our Website
One Day Horse Trials and Combined Test
1st Place Award and Ribbons to 6th Place
Walk-Trot - Intermediate Level
Pre-entries Close January 20, 2012
Horse Trial/CT Ride Times Available January 25, 2012
Extra rounds available at all levels.

8:00 am Start Dressage One Day Horse Trial
Combined Test Dressage will be at the end Horse Trial Division
10:30 am Start Show Jumping
Riders may Show Jump in Cross Country equipment.
Show Jump will serve as warm up for cross country.
Classes and Levels
1.  Walk/Trot, USDF 2007 Intro. Level Test A , SM Arena, Fences not to exceed 18", 200 mpm
  6-8 effort in each jumping phase.  Water and Ditch optional.
2.  Elementry, USEF 2007 Training Level Test 1, SM Arena, Fences up to 18", 240 mpm
  8-10 efforts in each jumping phase.  Water and Ditch optional.
3.  Beg. Novice, USEf 2010 Beg. Novice Test A, Fences not to exceed 2'7", 325 mpm
10-14 efforts xc, up to 10 efforts showjump.
4.  Novice, USEF 2010 Novice Test A, Fences not to exceed 2'11", 375 mpm
12-16 efforts xc, up to 10 efforts showjump.
5.  Training, USEF 2010 Training Test A, Fences not to exceed 3'3", 425 mpm
14-18 efforts xc, up to 12 efforts showjumping.
6.  Preliminary, USEF 2010 Prelim Test C, STD Arena, Fences not to exceed 3'7", 500 mpm
14-22 efforts xc, up to 12 fences showjumping.
7.  Intermediate, USEF 2010 Inter. Test B, STD Arena, Fences not to exceed 3'9", 525 mpm
14-22 efforts xc, up to 12 fences showjumping.
1b-7b.  Combined Test Dressage and Showjump.  Levels correspond to above.
1c-7c.  Extra Showjump Round.  Levels correspond to above.
8.  Dressage Test of Choice.  Please bring two copies of test to be ridden, if not listed above.

One Day Horse Trials and Combined Test
January 29, 2012  Pre-entry close:  January 20, 2012
Print Entry Form from Our Website
One Rider and Horse Per Entry Form
Horse:______________________Level:  W/T__BN__N__T__P__I__
Division: Jr:___AM:___Open:___ Stable with:_____________________
One Day Horse Trials-W/T thru Training $120 x  ____= $________
Prelim/Inter $150 x  ____= $________
Combined Test-Dressage and SJ $80 x  ____= $________
2nd Combined Test-same horse/rider             $50 x  ____= $________    Level:_________
Dressage Test of Choice $25 x  ____= $ _______      Test: _________
Extra Showjump Round $25 x  ____= $ ________
Stabling  $30 x  ____ = $ ________
Shavings: $9  x   ____ =$ ________
Drug Fee:   $5 x   _____=$________
Post Entry Fee: Mailed or Fax after 01/20/12 $25 x   ____  =$ ________
Credit Card Fee $10        =$  _______
Total Fees Due:       Checks Payable to 3 Day Ranch           $ _______
Card No.:_____________________ Exp.______Sec. Code_____Fax 951-506-2464
Mail to:  Margie Molloy, One BetterWorld Circle, Ste. 210, Temecula, CA  92590
If you are doing dressage test of choice-Please bring 2 copies of test of choice-if not doing USDF walk trot or USEA Test A Beginning Novice thru Intermediate.